Sunday, July 04, 2004

Dick Cheney decries foreign influences!!! (Not the Reverend Moon, though)

On Saturday July 3rd, in Wheeling West Virginia Vice-president Dick Cheney vowed that this election would not be decided by foreign powers. He implied John Kerry was a pawn of foreign interests because he wouldn‚t reveal the names of the European leaders who had expressed the view that Bush should go. The crowd assembled then started chanting "U.S.A." (That'll show 'em!)

This is rich coming from the an administration that takes orders from Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia and cavorts with the likes of Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

On January 19, 2001 Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church sponsored an Inaugural Prayer Luncheon for Unity and Renewal to honor George W Bush. John Ashcroft was the keynote speaker and received a standing ovation from the 1700+ attendees. Reverend Moon also received an award for his work in support of traditional family values. (Another failing of John Kerry, according to Cheney.)

The Moon/Bush family relationship apparently goes way back. In September 1995 George H.W. Bush went down to Argentina, with his son W, to convince some newspaper publishers to let Moon into the biz. "I want to salute Reverend Moon, who is the founder of The Washington Times and also of Tiempos del Mundo," Bush declared. "A lot of my friends in South America don't know about The Washington Times, but it is an independent voice.

The editors of The Washington Times tell me that never once has the man with the vision interfered with the running of the paper, a paper that in my view brings sanity to Washington, D.C. I am convinced that Tiempos del Mundo is going to do the same thing" in Latin America."

Not quite:

According to Free Republic: Bush's endorsement of The Washington Times' editorial independence also was not truthful. Almost since it opened in 1982, a string of senior editors and correspondents have resigned, citing the manipulation of the news by Moon and his subordinates. The first editor, James Whelan, resigned in 1984, confessing that he had "blood on his hands" for helping the church achieve greater legitimacy."

And further helpful deeds provided by Bush and family, for which I'm sure, were totally altruistic purposes and certainly not for financial gain or with W's upcoming election bid in mind:

"In September 1995, Bush and his wife, Barbara, gave six speeches in Asia for the Women's Federation for World Peace, a group led by Moon's wife, Hak Ja Han Moon. In one speech on Sept. 14 to 50,000 Moon supporters in Tokyo, Bush insisted that "what really counts is faith, family and friends." Mrs. Moon followed the ex-president to the podium and announced that "it has to be Reverend Moon to save the United States, which is in decline because of the destruction of the family and moral decay." [Washington Post, Sept. 15, 1995]

Other interesting tidbits from the all American, family values proponant, Reverend Moon:

"Americans who continue to maintain their privacy and extreme individualism are foolish people," Moon declared. "The world will reject Americans who continue to be so foolish. Once you have this great power of love, which is big enough to swallow entire America, there may be some individuals who complain inside your stomach. However, they will be digested."

During the same sermon, Moon decried assertive American women. "American women have the tendency to consider that women are in the subject position," he said. "However, woman's shape is like that of a receptacle. The concave shape is a receiving shape. Whereas, the convex shape symbolizes giving. ... Since man contains the seed of life, he should plant it in the deepest place.

"Does woman contain the seed of life? ["No."] Absolutely not. Then if you desire to receive the seed of life, you have to become an absolute object. In order to qualify as an absolute object, you need to demonstrate absolute faith, love and obedience to your subject. Absolute obedience means that you have to negate yourself 100 percent."

For news stories related to the "Prayer Breakfast in honor of W"

Be sure to check out Free Republic. They are a gold mine of useful info.



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