Sunday, July 13, 2008

W.s new Lie-brary: Reading is fundamental and so are hefty donations:

Membership benefits to the George W. Bush Presidential Center:

"By joining the Associates Program you can help the Bush Foundation provide a living legacy about an exciting period in our history for generations of Americans. Your membership at any level will be greatly appreciated."

You bet! And he'll take money from anyone.

W. needs money and lots of it to stock his new Presidential Lie-brary with picture books. The Times of London online reports W. is going about this by offering dictators with bad reputations photo-ops with administration officials for hefty donations to his Lie-brary at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. [They must be so happy they're going have that moral landfill on their campus!]

Of course, even he isn't able to just come right out and admit he's taking cash from sketchy foreigners in exchange for influence (although, if he said "boo" Congress would probably pass a law saying he could), so he's using a middleman named Stephen Payne, who is the CEO of the lobbying firm Worldwide Strategic Partners, (WSP).

The Times reports Payne has used his position on the advisory council to the Department of Homeland Security and his chummy relationship with Bush and Cheney to help such international pyrrhias as Kyrgyzstan's Askar Akayev, now in exile in Russia, and Kazakhstan's Nursultan Nazarbayev (Condi's old buddy from her Chevron days) get friendly treatment from the administration - - and the ever important photo-op, naturally.

Just when you think this administration can't get any more repugnant, they top themselves! Exciting period in our history, indeed!
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