Saturday, March 07, 2009

Obama waging class warfare? Hardly!

Lori Montgomery writes in the WaPo today that Obama's tax plan is "A Shift of Wealth From the Top Down."

Imagine, trickle down didn't work, again! Calvin Coolidge tried it and we got the Great Depression.

W and Co. tried it and we got . . . the Great Depression II.

Now, Obama proposses to tax the top 2% of the population, who have quadrupled their wealth in the last 20 years while the rest of us stagnated.

Class Warfare cry the republicans!!!!

Montgomery reports:

"Some Republicans say they're having a tough time making the case against Obama. Rep. Paul D. Ryan, the senior Republican on the House Budget Committee, said he has found Obama's tax plans to be hugely popular back home in Wisconsin, where people blame Wall Street financiers for the collapse of the economy and the loss of Wisconsin jobs.

'Class warfare makes for good politics,' Ryan said. 'It preys on people's emotions of fear and envy. And, right now, those emotions are running at an all-time high.'"

This is my comment on this article at the WaPo's comments page:

Some republicans are finding it tough going to make the argument that president Obama shouldn't redistribute the ill-gotten gains of the top 1 percent for the benefit of the other 99 percent?


Rep. Paul Ryan claims Obama is waging "class warfare." That's rich, if you'll forgive the pun.

If anything the republicans and their monied base have been waging a full scale nuclear assault on the vast majority of their fellow Americans since the election of George W. Bush, who was the one who excelled at preying on fear to win elections, lead us into a disasterous war and undermine our charished liberies!

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Such a tone deaf statement is the perfect example of why the republican party is struggling today for its very existence and why it probably shouldn't survive, after all the destruction it's wrought on this country.

As you might expect, the right wing nut jobs are peddling their ususal nonsense, arguing that Obama is a socialist bent on soaking the rich to give welfare to the poor. After all, all these asshats are all vastly wealthy like those top 400 individuals laughing all the way to the Swiss bank with the asshat's hardearned money.

Here's one comment I left in response to one of these knuckleheads:

warhack911 writes: [The writer's screen name is actually warhawk911]

"This will just ensure that NO ONE would want to become successful."

Being successful and living the lifestyle of a British royal are two different things entirely. Asking the top 400 people (that's not you warhack) to pony up their fair share instead of moving their obscene riches into foreign bank accounts and squandering it on Ponzi schemes is not socialism, it's called being an American citizen.

They live here, they rely on the government to protect their property, they rely on the rest of us to create the capital (through our work and productivity) they covet. Therefore they pay through the nose.

They can afford it, trust me.

You're actually arguing against your own best interest, which either means you're a masochist or a sucker. In either case, your opinions are based on ignorance, at best, or willful stupidity, at worst, and no longer worth anyone's precious time.


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