Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Take the right wing bloggers to war.

Hey, all you right wing bloggers out there, I have a question; You all are frothing at the mouth about Cindy Sheehan, you're very good at name calling and pasting Michele Malkin and Ann Coulter articles on to your blogs, but I don’t see too much on the fact that we're almost to 2000 dead in Iraq and over $260 billion dollars down the drain. So what's your solution to the Iraq quagmire? Besides, boring us with your sophomoric humor and stupid posts, how about giving some thought to how we get out of this mess.

Your latest target is Cindy Sheehan. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You lose a friend or a relative over there and then you can attack her. So Sheehan gave a speech with Lynne Stewart, so what? Grow up.

She's a terrorist symp, now? Pat Robertson, a good friend of Bush and a regular visitor to the White House called for a nuclear weapon to be dropped on the State Dept. Should we assume W. thinks the same way? He called Liberian dictator and mass murderer Charles Taylor a "good Christian." You down with that too?

What about the Reverend Moon? His Washington Times is a major backer of the Bush administration and Moon even held an inaugural party for W.'s election in 2000. Are you all Moonies too?

Who is going to wind up paying for this misadventure in Iraq, by the way? That's right, it's you dumb ass! The latest CBO projections for the next ten years show individuals are paying a larger and larger portion of the taxes in this country as W.'s corporate tax breaks take hold.

We're borrowing billions from the Japanese and the Chinese to pay for this war and some day they're going to want it back. Have you thought about that?

You know, Cindy Sheehan isn't the only parent of a dead soldier protesting this war. There are hundreds of family members: brothers, sisters, cousins, etc., out there who are against any more brave Americans having to die for this lie and they're not all tree hugging liberals either.

I have a suggestion for all you right wing blog writers out there who've got your Drudge hats on and your walls plastered with photo enhanced nude photos of Ann Coulter: why not enlist? You obviously think what we're doing over there is worth it, so put your money where your mouth is.
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