Thursday, April 13, 2006

From the 'what the f...' department

I heard a story on the The World last night that said David Duke got a degree from a Ukrainian university. Not being able to believe my ears, I went to David Duke's web site and sure enough...

"Jewish leaders in Ukraine are condemning the actions of a major university in Ukraine (MAUP) for awarding a full doctorate to the notorious American anti-Semite David Duke. MAUP, an acronym for the largest university system in Ukraine, awarded the controversial former KKK leader and American politician, David Duke, a PhD in History after a successful completion of exams and all doctoral academic requirements, and a spirited Doctoral Defense in an art-adorned academic conference hall adjacent to the office of the MAUP President Prof. Georgy Tchokin."

Maybe, democracy isn't such a good thing after all. In any case, what the hell is David Duke doing in Ukraine and why are Ukrainian professors giving him history degrees? The mind boggles.


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