Friday, June 30, 2006

Murder and rape in Iraq: it's not just for al-Qaeda anymore.

Oh wait, al-Qaeda doesn't rape their victims.

AP reports:

"BEIJI, Iraq - The U.S. Army will investigate charges that American soldiers were involved in the killings of four Iraqi relatives, including a woman who had been raped, military officials said Friday. It's the sixth current inquiry into the alleged slayings of Iraqi civilians by American troops.

A U.S. official close to the investigation said at least one of the soldiers, all assigned to the 502nd Infantry Regiment, has admitted his role and been arrested. Two soldiers from the same regiment were slain this month when they were kidnapped at a checkpoint near Youssifiyah.

The official told the AP the accused soldiers were from the same platoon as the two slain soldiers. The military has said one and possibly both of the slain soldiers were tortured and beheaded. The official said the mutilation of the slain soldiers stirred feelings of guilt and led at least one of them to reveal the rape-slaying on June 22.

One of the accused soldiers already has been discharged and is believed to be in the United States, several U.S. officials said on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing. The others have had their weapons taken away and are confined to Forward Operating Base Mahmoudiyah."

Where is the one in the United States? I'm hoping behind bars somewhere and not running loose. What the hell is this all about? What is going on in the 502nd Infantry Regiment and could the deaths of Pfc. Tucker and Menchaca have been revenge killings in the Iraqi tribal traditon?

Looks like Haditha isn't the "isolated incident" that the defenders of this war keep trying to claim it is. Oddly, these allegations if true, start to sound an awful lot like Cpl. Joshua Belile's Hadji Girl which so entertained the troops.

This whole war is so pornographic, it is just sickening. What have we come to? Just like when you see a roach in the kitchen you know there's a thousand behind the wall, these six investigations are just the tip of the ice berg. When a morally bankrupt administration lies to go to a war it wants to fight, bends the rules of war that lead to Abu Ghraib and to this day defends the most egregious violations of human rights, this is what you're going to get.

Just wait until these soldiers get home and start practicing what they learned in Iraq on us!


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