Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The One Percent Doctrine: There is no place to hide!

I just heard Terry Gross interview Ron Suskind about his new book The One Percent Doctrine on Fresh Air and I was blown away. He says that Cheney decided (not the Decider in chief) that if there was a one percent chance that an attack could actually happen, the US would direct all its attention that preventing it. The realization that the borders of the US couldn't be secured from other attackers getting into the country and the likelyhood of additonal attacks led Cheney to believe that the only way to defend the country was to react to every little piece of information that might or might not be credible as an imminent threat. This meant that from them on the way the government had operated pre-9/11 would be out the window.

Intelligence analysis, evidence of actual threats and facts, would all be beside the point. This certainly explains a lot of things, like Iraq, rounding up inncoent Muslim immigrants, Gitmo, NSA domestic spying and everything else that's been going on. It would have been nice if this complete erasing of our way of life and democratic institutions that we had lived by for over 200 years had been passed by Congress or the courts or us before they just went ahead and did it.

Other little tidbits of what the Cheney cabal has been up to can be seen at Time which includes the news that a company named First Data offered to help the FBI track pretty much every credit card transaction in the world ---and, oh yeah, by the way, they also own Western Union so there's no way to do anything without the government knowing what you're up to.


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