Thursday, September 21, 2006

AG Gonzales confused about Arar case:

What a major duche bag Alberto "waterboard" Gonzales is. When he was asked by reporters about the Canadian commission report which found that the US had sent Canadian citizen Mehar Arar to Syria for a little torture, his answer was:

"Well, we were not responsible for his removal to Syria. I'm not sure that he was tortured." (and by the way I've never heard of him, even though he's law suit against me in on appeal.

Right, he knows nothing. Wasn't this the guy who as W.'s counsel wrote the legal memo that ok'd rendition? (You know, there's that "New Paradigm" that allows us to outsource our torturing these days.) In an interview last night on NPR, Arar said Gonzales comments were outragous. Well, welcome to my world. So what else is new? His lawyer is quoted in the Times saying that she expected an apology. What planet is she on? Here's an administration run by a man who can't think of one thing he's ever done wrong.

Anyway, this flap over Gonzales' comments have all been misinterpreted. The Justice Department says today that the AG got his timing wrong. He thought Arar was sent to torture camp after this sort of thing was turned over to the Department of Heimat Security. Spokesman Charles Miller says, "He had his timeline mixed up."

You see, even though he is responsible for creating the legal justification for sending Mehar to Syria and he was actually in charge of overseeing this disgrace of sending an innocent man with a Canadian passport to Syria to be imprisoned and beaten for 10 months, he just got his timeline mixed up.

Case closed.


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