Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More anals of 12-gallon hat justice:

[I spelled it that way on purpose.]

The NYT reports today that the German government has released 24-year old Murat Kurnaz, a German citizen, who was returned to Germany in August after four years of being held at Gitmo. After an investigation the Germans found no evidence of any link to terrorism. Imagine that, I'm sure he must have been the only one this ever happened to, because W. & Co. say all the detainees at Gitmo are "the worst of the worst." That's why W. needs this new Military Commissions Act of 2006 to "save American lives." Kurnaz, the Times says, was arrested in Pakistan in 2001.

You don't think this might be yet another case of the Pakistanis kidnapping random people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and turning them over to the US for a bounty, do you? I hear quite a lot of this sort of thing might have gone on after the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. Amnesty International claimed in a report last month that, "Pakistan illegally detained innocent people on suspicion of terrorism and transferred them to U.S. custody for money." [AP]

Amnesty: "Bounty hunters -- including police officers and local people -- have captured individuals of different nationalities, often apparently at random, and sold them into U.S. custody. . . Some [children] were arrested alongside their adult relatives, some were themselves alleged to be terror suspects and some were held as hostages to make relatives give themselves up or confess. . .The war on terror has added a new layer of human-rights violations to existing patterns of abuses [in Pakistan]. The phenomenon of enforced disappearance was virtually unknown before the war on terror."

Of course, we know about those bleeding heart appeasers at Amnesty, so who would believe them, right? But what about our good buddy and partner in the WOT Pervey Musharraf? He wrote his sizzling new book In the Line of Fire that "We have captured 689 and handed over 369 to the United States. We have earned bounties totalling millions of dollars. . .Those who habitually accuse us of 'not doing enough' in the war on terror should simply ask the CIA how much prize money it has paid to the government of Pakistan." [AFP]

Yes, who could possibly accuse Pakistan of not doing enough in the war on terror? When Pervey isn't looking the other way while al-Qaeda and the Talibs are pouring over the border into Afghanistan to kill US troops he's letting terrorists responsible for bombings in India walk free.

NYT: "The Lahore High Court set free Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the founder of the banned Islamist group Lashkar-e-Taiba, declaring his detention without trial since August illegal." You see, when it's his terrorists they deserve due process.


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