Saturday, November 04, 2006

Loose nukes sinks ships.

So I read in the NYT that the right-wingers in Congress, who just can't let the story of Saddam's fictional WMD go, insisted on putting all his nuclear secrets on the internet for every aspiring terrorist and rogue nation to view, courtesy of the American taxpayer. Nice work guys! Yes, we're very much safer with these idiots in power.

According to the Times the government put the contents of some 48,000 boxes of Iraqi documents, seized after the invasion, on the internet for all to see at a web site with the very catchy name of ÔÇťOperation Iraqi Freedom Document Portal."

NYT: "The documents, roughly a dozen in number, contain charts, diagrams, equations and lengthy narratives about bomb building that nuclear experts who have viewed them say go beyond what is available elsewhere on the Internet and in other public forums. For instance, the papers give detailed information on how to build nuclear firing circuits and triggering explosives, as well as the radioactive cores of atom bombs."

"The chairmen of the House and Senate intelligence committees [an oxymoron if I ever heard one] told the administration that wide analysis and translation of the documents -- most of them in Arabic -- would reinvigorate the search for evidence that Hussein had resumed his unconventional arms programs in the years before the invasion. . . President Bush approved the site's creation after congressional Republicans proposed legislation to force the documents' release."

So, let me get this straight; Senator Pat Roberts and Congressman Peter Hoekstra forced W. to put all of Saddam's nuclear and biological weapons secrets on a US government web site so anyone could just go there and read how to build a bomb. According to the Times, it took protests from European diplomats and scientists from the IAEA -- those dummies -- to get the government to take down the site. A "senior European diplomat" told the Times that the information on the site was "a cookbook" and a "physicist and former U.S. government arms scientist" called the material on the site, "very sensitive, much of it undoubtedly secret restricted data."

The best part is that much of this stuff wasn't translated into English, because 5 years after 9/11 we still don't have enough Arabic speakers working for the government to translate all if it. Imagine if we hadn't had anyone who could speak Japanese or German during WWII. After hearing about this, it's not too difficult to see why we're losing the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and why OBL is still on the loose. These idiots couldn't find their asses with both hands.

It is ironic that this administration, which is the most secretive in the history of the America, is posting on the internet information on how to build the most dangerous weapons of mass destruction, while at the same time stamping documents from the Korean War at the National Archives "Top Secret." We can see how to make sarin gas, but no one is ever going to know which oil executives Cheney was showing maps of Iraq's oil fields to in 2001.

I don't know about you, but I think someone ought to go to jail for this outrageous breech of national security. If this isn't a smoking gun for the impeachment of the president and the Lord of Darkness, I don't know what is.

Of course, if that were to happen we'd have Nancy Pelosi as president, so maybe we ought to just let W. off with a warning.


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