Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The new Embassy inside the E-Ring:

Guy Raz reported on last evening's ATC that:

"A military watchdog group is asking the Pentagon whether senior uniformed officers had permission to appear in a video endorsing an evangelical Christian group. The Christian Embassy is an evangelical missionary group focused on government workers in Washington, DC. The group's recent promotional video features endorsements from several prominent military officers."

Not that the military is endorsing Dr. Kennedy or his virilant anti-gay agenda or anything, but Kennedy's own news letter Impact reports that his visit to the E-Ring went great:

"'He made an impression on us all,' said Air Force Colonel Victor Janushkowsky about Dr. D. James Kennedy’s personal testimony, which he gave at a Pentagon Prayer Breakfast in September. "As military members we're called upon to be statesmen as well, and Dr. Kennedy is a brave man to be able to state and defend our worship of God in the U.S.,' said Col. Janushkowsky."

The Air Force academy apparently is a bastion of right wing religious indoctrination, so its no surprise Col. Janushkowsky is so into Kennedy. The WaPo reprted in May of last year:

"An Air Force chaplain who complained that evangelical Christians were trying to "subvert the system" by winning converts among cadets at the Air Force Academy was removed from administrative duties last week, just as the Pentagon began an in-depth study of alleged religious intolerance among cadets and commanders at the school. 'They fired me,' said Capt. MeLinda Morton, a Lutheran minister who was removed as executive officer of the chaplain unit on May 4. 'They said I should be angry about these outside groups who reported on the strident evangelicalism at the academy. The problem is, I agreed with those reports.'"

This October, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, questioned the promotion of Air Force Brig. Gen. Johnny Weida to Major General. AP reported that:

"Weida was the No. 3 commander at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs when allegations surfaced that evangelical Christians there were bullying cadets who held other beliefs. The Air Force later cleared Weida of allegations of using his position to proselytize non-Christian cadets."

These "prayer breakfasts" are held in the Pentagon's E-ring at Executive Dining Room (Room 3B1062). One recent breakfast featured a sermon by right wing religious nut "Dr" James Kennedy of Ft. Lauderdale Florida. In his speech, according to Raz, he asked why anyone would refuse eternal life. They must be "insane" he said.

People for the American Way reports that "Kennedy oversees a vast media empire of television, print and radio programming that includes The Coral Ridge Hour which airs on approximately 550 stations, four cable networks, and to 165 nations on the Armed Forces Network. Available to 81 percent of the nation's television homes, The Coral Ridge Hour is the third most-widely syndicated weekly Christian television program with a potential viewership numbering in the millions."


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