Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Congratulations Revernd Moon and the Washington Times!

Wow, this is pretty mind bending: Bill Berkowitz writes in Asia Times Online that George W. H. Bush will be giving the "keynote address in honor of the 25th anniversary of the ultra-conservative Washington Times" in May. That's not so surprising since 41 has been providing cover for Jesus Christ's replacement since his CIA days when Moon was spying on the US for South Korea.

What is reallty mind blowing is that Moon is giving W. a few million bucks for his presidential library for a pardon! Berkowitz writes:

"The head of the Unification Church has a more varied agenda in mind, one that includes a pardon from current President George W Bush. In the 1980s, Moon served a 13-month jail sentence for tax evasion. He doesn't want to be a considered a convicted felon and is hoping for a pardon before Bush leaves office."

Unbelievable. Doesn't Moon own one of the biggets gun manufacturing companies in the US by the way?


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