Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jimmy, don't pull a Billy!

Jimmy Carter is flaking on us. Now he says his comments about W.'s administration being the "worst in history" were "careless or misinterpreted." Well, which is it Jimmy? He's claiming that he was simply comparing Nixon's foreign policies to W.'s. [He might have mentioned that Nixon's domestic policies were a lot better too.] He said on NBC's Today show, "I wasn't comparing the overall administration, I was certainly not talking personally about any president." [TIME] Yeah right!

Deputy press secretary Tony Flacko was all over it saying of Carter's contrition, "I think it just highlights the importance of being careful in choosing your words. I'll just leave it at that."

Boy, that's really white of you Tony. You're doing a heck' va job!

Certainly when Rummy said he knew exactly where the WMD were or when Condi was warning of imminent mushroom clouds over Manhattan or Cheney was predicting the "last throes" of the Iraqi insurgency, they were all carefully choosing their words, too.

Common' Jimmy, watch what you say, you'll get somebody killed!


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