Monday, June 25, 2007

ICE, just doing their job:Harboring terrorists, deporting people for voting.

Zoila Meyer, a former Councilwoman in the city of Adelanto Ca., is facing deportation because she voted in the 2004 elections. See the problem is that she's not a citizen. Whoopse.

According to the very angry Digger's Realm:

"Under penalty of perjury newly elected Councilwoman Zoila Meyer filled out her candidacy papers last August marking that she was a US citizen. She won the 4 year council seat by 75 votes. [Gore got half a million more votes than Bush, didn't he?] This should be 100% guaranteed jail time. [She pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge!] Who doesn't know whether they are a citizen or not? [I'm sure writer has always paid his traffic tickets on time and never had a book over-due.] She outright committed perjury with the intention of taking a council position in a city of the United States. On top of her jail time her residency should immediately be revoked and she should be deported."

Yes, Zoila Meyer is clearly a threat to the national security of the United States. In fact, I'm thinking she should just be taken out and shot. That would show all those illegal immigrants!

My big question is: Where are they going to deport her to, Cuba?

AP reports that Meyer was: "Brought to this country from Cuba when she was a year old."

To me, that seems like the only likely place she could be going to. But since when do we deport people to Fidel's worker's paradise? It strikes me as odd that the 'get tough on immigrants' crowd who are also very anti-Fidel are suggesting we send this woman to a country which is ruled by a terrorist? (In this case, I guess, they'll make an exception.)

Naturally, this case isn't any different than any other. Lori Haley, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement tells AP the case is unusual, 'but immigration officials were just doing their job.'

Yeah right, just like the DoJ is doing their job prosecuting Luis Posada Carriles. If anyone deserves to be deported to either Cuba, or Venuzuela -- both countries have requested his extradition -- it's Posada. But, instead, he get's a pass to sit around his house in Miami and enjoy his retirement.

Remember, as W. himself said: "If you harbor terrorists, you are a terrorist."

AFP: reported recently:

"[Posada] was convicted in Venezuela in 1976 of masterminding the downing of the Cuban jet off Barbados, but escaped from prison in 1985. He was sentenced to eight years’ prison in Panama in a bomb plot to assassinate Castro during an Ibero-American summit in 2000, and outgoing Panamanian president Mireya Moscoso pardoned him four years later. He was detained by US immigration officials in May 2005 for entering the United States illegally. US authorities have refused to extradite him to Cuba or Venezuela, expressing fears he might be tortured."

We're not too concerned, though, about Zoila Meyer being tortured if she's deported to Cuba.


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