Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More good news from Iraq:

Things are really working out in Iraq. That Surge really did the trick. If you've been reading the news papers lately, that's all you see. Why do I feel like a German in 1943 listening to Goebbels tell me about the heroic 6th Army's exploits at Stalingrad?

The WaPo reported yesterday:

"U.S. officials yesterday declared a 55 percent drop in militant attacks in Iraq since the launch of an offensive nine months ago. Rear Adm. Gregory Smith, a senior U.S. military spokesman, said violence in parts of Iraq had fallen to its lowest levels since summer 2005. Iraqi civilian casualties are down 60 percent since June and have dropped 75 percent in Baghdad, Smith said."

Of course, this is not to say we can declare voctory quite yet.

"In eastern Baghdad, Forward Operating Base Rustamiyah was hit by 12 rockets early yesterday. No serious injuries were reported, but some vehicles and buildings on the base were severely damaged, including several trailers that house soldiers from the First Battalion, Eighth Cavalry Regiment, Second Brigade, First Cavalry Division, based at Fort Hood, Texas."

One might wonder, incidentally, why after four years into the war our troops are still living in FEMA trailers when they're constantly under the threat of being killed by indirect fire. Imagine if the bunch running this war had been involved in the siege of Keh Sanh!

For all the good news about lower troops and civilian casualties in Baghdad and Anbar, there is the little problem in the north of the country.

AP reports today:

"Despite a decline in violence in Iraq, northern Iraq has become more violent than other regions as al-Qaeda and other militants move there to avoid coalition operations elsewhere, the region's top U.S. commander said. Army Maj. Gen. Mark P. Hertling on Monday said al-Qaeda cells still operate in all the key cities in the north."

Mosul, in particular, the capital of Nineveh Province. That's kind odd because I recall that back in July Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack claimed that the Surge was "finally getting somewhere" especially in Nineveh, where "American troop levels in both cities now number only in the hundreds because the Iraqis have stepped up to the plate. . . While Iraqi Army troops cover the country side."

Uh Huh!

Stalingrad, Stalingrad, Berlin calling!


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