Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ron Paul for Intergalactic Leader!

I've got to say, I'm not paying much attention to the whole primary election thing because all the media does is focus on the horse race, which is really neither here or there as far as I'm concerned. Every time I hear the word "Iowa" on NPR, I run to hit the off dial. I understand someone has got to be nominated and then elected, but none of that is in my hands. Since no one is really talking about the issues -- it's all about the Oprah factor and whether Mormons are really Christians or not -- there's no way to know how any of these jokers would actually govern.

All there's left to do is cower in fear that anyone of the Republican candidates might get into power. First and foremost on the list of disasters in the making is . . .

Ron Paul:

I see posters for him everywhere around Philly and I just don't get it. How does this guy even have $10 million in his war chest? (I mean, $16 million since he just made bank yesterday.) I wouldn’t give him 15 cents. He sure seems to have tapped into that libertarian whacko fringe, though. You know the ones who've been voting for Lyndon LaRouche all along? (If you've ever seen the LaRouchies descend upon a lower income neighborhood in DC, you know what I'm taking about when I say "whacko fringe.") It appears the LaRouchies have finally figured out that good old Lyndon is never going to win so now they're using the internet to gather all the nut-jobs around their new chosen Intergalactic Leader.

Unfortunately, I was made an unwilling victim of The View the other morning by my roommate and guess who should be on but: Ron Paul. I was half asleep but my ears perked up when one of those babbling idiots on the show asked him about abortion. It was all very hard to follow, but from what I was able to translate into English from his weird space language was that the federal government shouldn't be telling women what to do with their bodies. Leave it up to the states, he says, as if that was some sort of new idea.

And I think there was something in there about "partial birth abortions" but one of the cackling hens, it might have been Whoopi, pointed out that most women have abortions in the first trimester not at the very end of their pregnancy. Of course, Paul is an obgyn, he knows better, but his "base" isn't interested in women's reproductive rights, most of them have probably never even seen a woman's reproductive organ.

No, what they're into is some perfect world where they can stockpile guns in a bunker somewhere in case W2K makes a comeback and grow all the weed they want without that evil trilateral commission kicking down the door with their black helicopters.

His position on fire arms might give some of his supporters some pause, though. I see in last week's NEWSWEEK that he was interviewed by Howard Fineman right after the "View" interview (he's all over the place.). He was asked if he supported any limit on the private ownership of guns or weapons.

His answer:

"Sure. The Second Amendment means the federal government can't interfere with your right to have a weapon to defend yourself. The types of weapons weren't defined, of course, in the constitution, but if you live next door to me and I thought you were working on a 500-ton bomb, I would say there's a clear and present danger. So there's a limit. I might ask the officials to get a proper search warrant to find out if you are, because that could be very dangerous."

What the hell does that mean? He's OK with someone having an AK-47, an RPG, or maybe even a .50 caliber machine gun -- the constitution is a little vague on that -- but a 500-ton bomb might be going too far? Either you're all in or nothing, Ron. If I want a 500-ton bomb, I should be able to have one. It's my God given right in the constitution (it might even be in the Bible somewhere) to have all the damn weapons I want. Lyndon LaRouche wouldn’t quibble over tonnage of a bomb. I mean, after all, if I was making a 500-lbs bomb it could still blow Ron Paul to hell if he was living next door to me.



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