Monday, July 07, 2008

Ahmadinejad might be a mole for Halliburton! A working theory.

AP reported earlier today:

" Oil prices tumbled nearly $4 a barrel Monday, erasing many of last week's record gains in a single session as concerns about potential supply disruptions eased. . . Traders drove prices sharply higher at the end of last week as they bet that conflict with Iran or some other event could cut supplies, and they didn't want to get caught unprepared over the long Independence Day weekend, analysts said. . . As concerns about supply disruptions subsided, many traders on Monday sold off contracts they had bought as insurance last week. 'We got through the holiday without any major news,' said Phil Flynn, an analyst at Alaron Trading Corp. in Chicago. 'No news is good news, or in this case, no news is bearish news.'"

Well, so much for that . . . Remember all that stuff at the end of last week about the Iranians acting reasonable about the carrots the P5+1 (the permanent five U.N. Security Council members plus Germany) were offering the Iranians to halt their nuclear enrichment program and CJCS Adm. Mike Mullen was saying a war with Iran in his opinion would be "extremely stressful" to the overstretched US military?

Well, it's all a distant memory now. Reuters reported about three hours ago:

"Iran started war games on Monday and its president rejected a demand by major powers that it stop enriching uranium as 'illegitimate,' showing no sign of backing down in a stand-off over Tehran's nuclear ambitions . . . Missile units of the elite Revolutionary Guards' naval and air forces began war games, Iranian news agencies said, hours after the U.S. Navy said it had begun exercises in the Gulf . . . The U.S. Navy on Monday said two U.S. vessels were taking part in its exercise alongside a British warship and one from Bahrain, a Gulf Arab ally which hosts the Fifth Fleet."


Why is everyone all hell bent on going to war in the Persian Gulf? What could be the incentive?


"Americans are now paying more than $1 billion more for gasoline per day than they did five years ago, according to an OPIS report Monday. In June, the world's largest oil consumer spent about $47.38 billion on the motor fuel — nearly three times as much as in 2003."

You know, when you're talking about billions, you're starting to talk about real money.

No one wants to mess up that gravy train! Ever since the housing bust, the credit bust and the ever falling dollar, all the folks with real money need to make some and commodities is the only game left in town.

It's as if the Iranians and the US government were actually conspiring to keep the price of a barrel of oil sky high. We all the know about the oil junta in the White House, that's no secret, but what's going on with the Iranians?

I have a working theory, based on the fact that throughout this whole back and forth with the P5+1 of late, a certain crazy person has been surprisingly silent; until now, that is.

The price of a barrel of oil starts to dip and the world's best known dip, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, suddenly decides to chime in . . . Coincidence?


"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Monday his country would not stop enriching uranium, work which Tehran says is aimed at generating power but which the West fears may be part of a covert nuclear weapons program. . . They offer to hold talks but at the same time they threaten us and say we should accept their illegitimate demand to halt (enrichment work)," Ahmadinejad told reporters in Malaysia, where he was attending a summit of eight developing countries. 'They want us to abandon our right (to nuclear technology),' the president said."

BINGO! I'm going to go way out on a limb here and say the price oil will be rocketing up in the next 12 hours or so.

Do the Cheney/Carlyle death corp. have a mole in Tehran? Along the same lines, perhaps, as spelled out in the X-Files episode "Dreamland II" when super spook Morris Fletcher tells Agent Mulder that Saddam Hussein was really "[a] dinner theater actor named John Gillnitz from Tulsa [who] was known for his good ethnic portrayal in The King and I," who was set up by Majestic "in 1979 as ruler of Iraq in order to keep people distracted?"[X-Files wiki]

Expiring minds want to know. It's more plausible explanation for whats going on than any of the crap the US media is foisting on us.

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