Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The "President's Intern" gone wild!

Today's post from the President's Intern, Nancy Jo, reports on Homeland Security's investigation of a " beluga whale getting lost and swimming up the Delaware River as far as Trenton, New Jersey," that might have had a little Al-Qaeda terrorist inside.

She writes:

"Because George Bush's administration is Bible-based, we know that a man inside a whale is entirely possible. I need say no more than Jonah. Analysts at Homeland Security have been thumbing through the Bible looking for other potential terrorist animals. Obviously, snakes come to mind. Can you imagine thousands of Al Qaeda-trained snakes, each carrying a stick of dynamite, heading toward major American cities? To deal with the threat of animal suicide bombers, the Bush administration will be appointing a Special Director in charge of Alternative Intelligence."

Better known as J. Edgar Pooper, a buddy of the president's dog Barney. (a.k.a. FOB)


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