Friday, January 27, 2006

Democrats playing politics with secrets!!!!!!

I think we should all keep it in mind that, it's the Democrats who are using W.'s domestic spying program for political gain, not the Republicans. I agree with Senator Pat Roberts when he says, "I think we can all agree that intelligence issues, especially in the middle of a war, should not be used as fodder for political advantage. Doing so is unnecessary, unwise and potentially dangerous." Here, here! Bully!

This coming from such a prominent Republican Senator just reinforces the fact that W.'s photo-op at the NSA yesterday was certainly not a political stunt. Inviting a bunch of reporters into the most secret of secret intelligence gathering agencies was just his way of letting the employees at the NSA know he supports them "a hundred percent." (I'm sure morale at the NSA was just sky high when W. showed up with his three ring media circus.)

The AP reported that, before reporters could follow W. inside the NSA building, they had to check their phones, pagers, laptops and wireless e-mail devices---all of which were probably being tapped---at the door. Journalists were allowed to bring cameras and video equipment but, "were allowed to take photos only of Bush..." (Well, naturally, that was the whole point of this absurd exercise.) Naturally, for reasons of national security, reporters were only able to follow the president on his NSA tour for a few minutes, "as he walked through the high-tech Threat Operations Center, where intelligence experts monitor internet traffic." Hmmm...Threat Operations Center: that doesn't sound like the kind of place you wouldn't want reporters with cameras roaming around.

After his tour, W. spoke from a podium set up in a hall way and warned everyone that OBL wanted to attack us again. "When he says he's going to hurt the American people again, or try to, he means it. I take it seriously, and the people at the NSA take it seriously,"

Then why, one might ask, haven't you gone out and actually got him and why is the NSA wasting its time sending the FBI on wild goose chases? (My God, it's been four years; there are only so many caves in western Pakistan!)

Now, not to say that W. is in a bubble or anything, he knows what's on the minds of the American people: He understands that, "there's some in America who say, 'Well, this can't be true there are still people willing to attack.' All I would ask them to do is listen to the words of Osama Bin Laden and take him seriously."

I'm confused; I thought they said we shouldn't listen to, or rebroadcast, his tapes because they could contain secret coded messages for his agents in the US? Is that out the window now that the administration is desperately trying to talk its way out if an impeachment? (Are we sure OBL isn't on Rove's payroll?)

By the way, who are these people who W. says don't think we could be attacked again? Are they part of the 3% of every poll who are always undecided? I mean, who told W. there are people out there who think no one wants to blow us up? Sometimes he says things and you just have to wonder what on earth he's thinking about and where he gets his information from. Well, anyway, the bottom-line is: There's nothing W. won't do to protect the American people and by "American people" I mean his political ass.

Moving on to another world leader with delusions of grandeur:

It looks like Vlad "the Impaler" Putin's new bastard in Chechnya is proposing polygamy as a way to repopulate his war torn republic. Ramzan Kadyrov, the first deputy prime minister of Chechnya, says, "Chechnya needs that because it has a war and, statistically, the number of women is 10 percent larger than the number of men....The law of Shariah allows this, it does not run counter to it. Therefore, each man who can provide for four wives should do it. It should be allowed" The Itar-Tass news agency reports that Kadyrov says men should be legally allowed to take several wives. Perhaps, if he and his Russian masters hadn't killed all of the male population, they wouldn't need polygamy.

Maybe, we should hook this guy with the Sciri in Iraq. I hear their new constitution basically is based on Shariah law as well. Girls can now be married at the age of nine and men are free to beat their wives to their hearts content.

Tossing gays out of the military is getting expensive:


"WASHINGTON - Hundreds of highly skilled troops, including many translators, have left the armed forces because of the Pentagon’s rules on gays, at a cost of nearly $200 million, the first congressional study on the impact of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy says. The estimated cost was for recruiting and training replacements from 1994 through 2003 for the 9,488 troops discharged from the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps because of the policy, the General Accountability Office estimated."

Are we really trying to win this war or not?

[Check out my posts at LTAD for more on Hamas.]


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