Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Letter the the editor: Miami Herald (Again.)

Where's FEMA?

My retiree parents in Hobe Sound need help. Hurricane Wilma took their roof and most of their possessions, and they are still waiting for FEMA and their insurance company to help them rebuild their lives. They have received not one iota of assistance yet.

My mother and military-veteran father have spent days calling bureaucrats who promise return calls that never come. Now their insurance policy has been canceled. They are in their 60s. Such stress is too much for them, to say nothing of the anguish living in the ruins of the only home they've owned.

The system that failed to help the vulnerable in New Orleans is again failing. Before Wilma hit, Gov. Bush said that Florida was ''battle tested, well resourced, well trained.'' Since then he has had to admit that ''We did not perform to where we want to be.'' The state still hasn't.

Miami Herald, Dec. 23, 2005


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