Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Trudy Rubin writes, "The unsettling model for what Gaza could become is visible today in southern Lebanon." She offers a harrowing travelogue of gift shops selling Hezbollah mugs and t-shits and bus tours to a former Israeli-run prison as evidence that a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza without a negotiated peace would lead to the explosion of a third Palestinian uprising. To me, this dire prediction seems a little over heated and the argument for more negotiations intended to delay the pullout indefinitely.

It would appear the real lesson to take from Lebanon would be that it is now a free and democratic country that has taken Hezbollah into the political fold rather than continuing to marginalize them. The Palestinian model of canceling elections to prevent an electoral victory for Hamas, which enjoys more popular support than Fatah and Mamoud Abbas, may be more palatable to the Israelis and the Americans, who prefer to pick the people they negotiate with, but ultimately any democratic future for a free and independent democratic Palestinian nation will need to include all the interlocutors in order to have a viable democratic government, which is the real road map to a final peace in Middle East.


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History will record the terror that the West was responsible for in Iraq, killing thousands and thousands of innocent babies, women and children!

Please read some of my rants about the war and Bush & Co.

Thank you.
ML Squier [a.k.a. MAD PLATO]

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Letters from Mad Plato

Monday, August 01, 2005

The good news: There is a 10th planet.
The bad news: Humans have found it.
(Mars and the Moon have already been invaded.)

The good news: There is ice-water on Mars.
The bad news: It will probably melt before NASA ever uses any of it.

The good news: George W. Bush's physical shows that he is in perfect health.
The bad news: He is president of the United States.

The good news: Columnist Robert Novak broke his silence on his disclosure that Valerie Plame was a CIA operative.
The bad news: He is still a creep.

The good news: I don’t have any more GOOD NEWS-BAD NEWS.
The bad news: There will be more GOOD NEWS-BAD NEWS another day.

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Friday, July 29, 2005

Is Bill Frist the first ranking Republican(Senate Majority leader) to turn tail and oppose Dubya?
Frist now supports stem cell research that uses embryos.
Frist is one of the first Republicans to make a salvo to gear up for the 2008 election.
Politicians change positions in order to gain popularity or to side with a popular view.
Frist is no different.
More and more Bush is becoming a lame duck.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

George W. Bush

Rice and Cheney
Jekyll & Hyde

Hoochie-coochie & Rigamarole

Riffraff & Razzle-Dazzle
Karl Rove

Razzmatazz & Mamby-pamby
Donald Rumsfeld

Colin Powell
Window dressing on Smoke and Mirrors

Torture Jails and Fairy Tales
Mazes and Labyrinths

United States of America
United States of Amnesia

Land of the Afraid
Home of the Brazen

Bring 'em on
Smoke 'em out

Hide the secrets
Bury the lies

Bring 'em to Justice
Dead or Alive

Steal the oil
In the Global Struggle
Against Extremism!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Our big brains will have to boil, bubble and burst before we admit that there is a problem:
Global Warming is real!
It is happening before our eyes!
The temperatures are rising!
The oceans are warming!
The glaciers and ice caps are melting!
The Day After Tomorrow is today.
Although in the movie the temperatures dropped, in the real world they did not.
China does not believe that it needs to worry about CO2 emissions.
Neither does Bush & Co.
Tomorrow is another day, but I bet it will be a hotter one than today.
Put away your mittens and buy tons of sunblock.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The top secret document was helplessly floating in mid-air when multiple reporters simultaneously grabbed the document before it hit the floor, and the reporters then pondered whether to inform the White House (Karl Rover, Dick Chicanery & Others), who already were aware that the document could bring vengeance upon Joseph Wilson for his revelation of the truth about the Niger-Iraq Uranium falsehood…if only these reporters could think of something...Ah, yes...tell the world that Joseph Wilson's wife worked for the CIA...CALL Robert Novak (everybody trusts his word) and have him write a story about Mr. Wilson's CIA spouse.
Gee, did we think of this on our own or did the White House tell us?
Then confuse and contort, disassociate and discombobulate, throw curve balls and dirt balls...say this and that, then say that and this...whirling dervishes! Wolves in sheep's clothing!
(The American public could be fooled once again!)
Then hope that the independent prosecutor will heed some subtle warnings and promises to let the White House have their evil ways again.
(But let George cover our butts if anyone gets in big trouble, because Dubya always gets his way when he lies about anything.)
Time for some pretzels!

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

This number is 37% of 25,000.
25,000 is the number of women, men and children who have been killed in the U.S. war in Iraq.
9,250 innocent civilians have been killed by the U. S.-led coalition, according to the Iraq Body Count and Oxford Research Group, a U.K.-based group of academics and peace activists.
Their Dossier on Civilian Casualties in Iraq 2003-2005 reported that 37% of all non-combatant deaths were caused by the U.S.-led coalition.
But according to a project done by the Center for International Emergency, Disaster and Refugee Studies at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Columbia University and the Al-Mustansriya University College in Baghdad, the number of civilians who have been killed is much higher.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


George W. Bush and the Justice Department do not want a National Shield Law.
Liars want to hide all of their secrets.
To allow the national media to continue to have anonymous sources would be a threat to this bellicose and duplicitous administration.
Bush used Executive Privilege to rescind the 1978 Presidential Records Act.
His own private records, and those of his father, are going to remain secret in perpetuity.
Dictators can’t permit the citizenry to know what they are doing, planning to do or have done.

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