Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Giving Moussaoui what he wants.

Zacharias Moussauoi really did the prosecutors in his sentencing trial a big favor on Monday by testifying on his own behalf. The prosecution had been on the verge of crashing and burning before Moussaui took the stand. He said he knew about the plan to fly planes into the WTC and he was actually part of another plot to fly a plane into the White House with "shoe-bomber" Richard Reed. Despite these damning admissions by Moussaoui, how much truth there is in all this is still up in the air.

Yesterday, the defense presented written testimony from al-Qaeda big shots who are being held at various undisclosed locations around the world. The government has been waging a year's long battle with Moussaoui's defense team to keep this testimony from being presented and I can see why. The master-mind behind the 9/11 attacks said Moussaoui was basically a small fry and wasn't quite right in the head, either. Hambali, the man behind the Bali bombing in 2002, said that Moussaoui was so annoying that they couldn't wait for him to leave South-East Asia. (Like we need Hambali to tell us he's annoying!)

It doesn't exactly sound like Moussaoui was the big time al-Qaeda mover and shaker he's portraying himself to be. Even Moussaoui himself said in his original guilty plea that, "Everybody knows that I am not al-Qaeda material." Could it be that maybe Moussaoui really, really, really wanted to be in al-Qaeda and they just didn't want to let him into their club so now he's trying to inflate his importance to a world wide audience? Is the prosecution is actually enabling this guy's pathetic delusions of grandeur?

As I wrote before, it's not like these guys are actually deterred by the threat of the death penalty, anyway. They want to die, that's the whole point. As gratifying as it would be to get one of these fuckers behind 9/11, I don't think Mousaoui is one of them. Putting an obviously mentally unhinged person like Moussaoui to death isn't going to bring the twin towers back. Maybe, the government could find a better use of its resources by making sure nuclear devices aren't being smuggled into the country through our ports or something like that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moussaoui is symbol. Whether a big shot, or little fry, he in our custody and took part in this islamic psycho-terrorist bullshit. He wants death to secure his martydom, and perhaps he'll get it. My version of justice is far more medieval; remove all his limbs, tether him to a wall and burn copies of the Qur'an daily in front of him. But that's just anger talking I guess. I'll have faith in our legal system and let justice deliver whatever brand of punishment it decides. God bless the USA.

8:04 PM  

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