Thursday, March 16, 2006

Howard Dean for president, again!

Dana Milbank wrote in yesterday's WaPo that the Democrats were running away from Russ Feingold like the plague on this censure issue and highlighted some hilarious scenes of "the great escape" from a Democratic luncheon on Tuesday. This episode shows just how pathetic the Dems are: Hillary very bravely "tried to hide from reporters behind the 4-foot-11 Barbara Mikulski (Md.), John Kerry was running away from reporters like he never did for election and Christopher Dodd stood up for his good friend Russ by saying, "Most of us feel at best it's premature, I don't think anyone can say with any certainty at this juncture that what happened is illegal." Right, who knows? And no is ever going to find out, either, because they're little 'fraidy cats.

The Republicans are rolling out their smear machine as the Dems cower. The NYT has a story today saying that the Republicans are using impeachment, not censure, as a rallying cry to fire up their base. Although, I think the Democrats should be focusing on the Republican deficit, Bush's disastrous drug prescription plan and Iraq and keep pounding away it, I also think they have a viable argument on censure that they shouldn't abandon just because the right-wingers are calling them names. Scurrying out the back door to avoid the press on the censure issue is not the way to show the American people that they're a party of principles.

Is there not one issue these Democratic invertebrates can agree on and then stand up and fight for? Sure, Rush Bingbong is on the air calling them names and the WSJ editorial board is writing about the "Impeachment Agenda," and right-wing pollsters are saying the base is energized over this whole thing, but so is the Democratic base. The small numbers of fanatical Republicans that get their marching orders from a fat, pill-popping blowhard aren't going to vote for the Democrats, no matter how much they try to act more macho then W. By ignoring their base and rolling over to the Republicans once again, they don't exactly inspire the base to come out on election day, like they did in record numbers for John Kerry (even though most of us held out noses while we did it).

After a decade of being pummeled by the Republicans and losing every election, is there not one Democrat out there that can figure out how to turn the tables on the Republican media machine by using their own tactics against them? I think the Democratic establishment made a major error by yanking their backing of Howard Dean (Who isn't afraid to support Feingold) after his "AAAARRRRR!" speech. He was a little bit too excited that night, but he excited the rank and file, which is the point, and he got a lot of press. Any press is good press and no matter how silly he looked that night, it would have passed and he surely wouldn't have done something stupid like have his picture taken hunting or wind surfing, which Rove & Co. used against Kerry to great effect. There's a reason Rove was so afraid of Howard Dean and the Democratic powers-that-be made it that much more easy for him. This is the same bunch who thinks Hillary has a chance. If she win the nomination, the Republicans could run a cocker spaniel and they'd win.


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