Saturday, March 11, 2006

Yes, they're Nazi doctors, but they're our Nazi doctors:

The AP reports that doctors from around the world have called on doctors who are helping the military force feed Guantanamo detainees to stop doing it. "In a letter to the Lancet medical journal, 263 doctors from Britain, Ireland, the United States, German, Autralia, Italy and the Netherlands" have called the procedure "degrading and unethical." They "also appealed to the American Medical Association, which endorses a World Medical Associtation ban on force feeding of patients. The World Medical Association says a prisoner should not be force fed if a doctor believes he is capable of 'unimpaired and rational judgment to refuse treatment.'"

There are only six detainees on hunger strike at this point because the dozens of others who were refusing food have been tortured into giving up their protest by the military's use of force feedings, involving painful insurtion of feeding tubes while being strapped into to a chair.

There have been tons of military lawyers who have refused to participate in W.'s military tribunals because they're something less than legal and various professional associations including the APA have said their members shouldn't be particpating in clearly illegal and unethical behavior at Gitmo, so what's up with the AMA? I thought doctors took a solumn oath "to do no harm." How do the doctors working at Gitmo justify allowing military personel to jam feeding tubes down the noses of prisoners strapped into a chair as doing no harm? The AMA should find out who these doctors are and revoke their licences to practice.

I find it ironioc that W. is complaining that the collapse of the DPW deal is making us look bad in the eyes of moderate Muslim countries. He said yesterday that he was "concerned about a broader message this issue could send to our friends and allies around the world, especially in the Middle East." Really? How about the message we're sending at Gitmo and Bagram and Abu Ghraib? I should think this is more of a concern to "moderate" leaders of Muslim countries who are struggling to hold on to power while their "street" blows up underneath them. What does more harm to our image in the Muslim and Arab world, scotching a buisness deal that benefits a small number of insanely rich sheiks, or the continued torture and detention of Muslims at Gitmo?


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