Thursday, April 06, 2006

Give it up Cynthia!

The Cox News Service reports that the prosecutor investigating Cynthia McKinney's scuffle with a Capital Hill police officer has turned the case over to a grand jury. The jury will decided whether McKinney should be charged with assaulting a police officer, a felony, or simple assault, a misdemeanor.

This whole thing to me is just silly. Yes, McKinney is annoying and she sometimes puts her foot in her mouth, but she's not exactly the first congressman to have done that. The right wing bloggers and the House Republicans are trying to make this into a big deal and the Democrats are characteristically running for the hills, but this is just a tempest in a tea pot. McKinney hasn't helped her cause by claiming that this is a matter of "racial profiling" and calling out all the usual liberal suspects to stand next to her. With all the indictments coming down for Tom DeLay's associates and his decision to pull out of his House race in Texas, we should be cracking open the champagne and celebrating. But no, here's Cynthia McKinney gumming up the works with her shameless grand standing, giving the likes of Ann Coulter and O'Reilly a tailor-made issue to beat the Democrats up with.

Give it a rest, Cynthia. I know you were given a raw deal with the whole 9/11 comments thing and you lost your seat because of Aipac money, but you're back now and your seat isn't in jeopardy, so just admit you made a mistake and let's get on with it.

News flash:

WaPo reports:

Rep. Cynthia McKinney apologized this morning on the House floor for her scuffle with a Capitol Police officer, expressing "sincere regret" and saying there should not have been any physical contact with police. "I come before this body to personally express again my sincere regret about the encounter with the Capitol Hill police," McKinney, a Democrat from Georgia, said in an one-minute statement to her House colleagues. "There should not have been any physical contact with police. I am sorry that this misunderstanding happened at all, and I regret its escalation."


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