Monday, April 17, 2006

More on September 14, 2001

Meanwhile, George "triumph of the" Will was busy stirring up anti-Muslim hysteria a la Netanyahu in an Op-ED in this edition... After blathering on about the 9/11 attacks probably killing more Americans than the Revolutionary War and the Civil War combined and writing that the CIA and the FBI are on the front lines of "what Israel's former Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, calls the 'a war to reverse the triumph of the West...'"

He writes:

"Surely Washington will see less of Yasser Arafat, the most frequent foreign visitor to Clinton's White House. (It's all Clinton's fault!) Surely we will hear less talk about Israel's attempts to preempt terrorism being 'inflammatory' and 'provocative.' Such signs of U.S. irresolution and squeamishness tempt terrorists to believe they can bend U.S. policy." (Not that Israel ever tries to bend our policies.)

The message here is that Muslims are crazy --- they have "lunatic fearlessness" --- and they're bent on destroying the West and also that, in order to fight terror we have to leave Israel the hell alone to do whatever it wants.

And while we were looking the other way...Israel takes advantage of our tragedy:

The WaPo: The Israelis launched an offensive, "in Palestinian-controlled territory in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that has killed a dozen Palestinians in the last three days. A spokesman for the Israeli Army said the operations, including deep incursions by columns of tanks, were intended to 'eliminate terrorist activities...' But independent Israeli analysts and Palestinians said Israel is taking advantage of the terror attacks on the United States to carry out raids that might otherwise have attracted criticism.

'These actions couldn't have gone on for so long if it weren't for the attack on the World Trade Center,' said Roni Daniel, military correspondent for Israel's Channel 2 television station. 'This is a window of opportunity that the Israeli army will use to push [Palestinian leader Yasser] Arafat into a corner.'

In latest operation, a column of Israeli tanks accompanied by infantry roared into the sleepy Jordan Valley town of Jericho before down today...The forces destroyed a small Palestinian barracks and badly damaged two houses. By the time the forces had withdrawn this morning, 13 Palestinians were wounded, including one woman who was hit by shrapnel in her bed..."

Palestinian peace negotiator Saeb Erekat said "He's [Sharon] using this for two things. First to do whatever he wants without anybody watching him. Second he's trying to package this for the world as if he's fighting terrorism."

Just like Vlad Putin would later do for his pet war in Chechnya.


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