Wednesday, May 24, 2006

To Hell with Hillary, Al Gore for president!

Al Gore is in the news again with his new movie on global warming called "An Inconvenient Truth" and the right wing smear machine is out in full force. Gore has really stirred up a hornet's nest going after big oil and downing the administration's lack of a policy on the issue, but I don't know if that is necessarily enough to get the jackals going for his jugular the way they are. No, what I think has the Republicans really spooked is that he might actually run in '08: Judging by the vitriol being spewed by the right, maybe that might not be such a bad thing. If they're so terrified of Gore, he's got my vote. (Anyone but Hillary!)

What has really got me on the Gore '08 bandwagon is John Tierney's Op-ED in the NYT on Tuesday, which pretty much encapsulates all the arguments being used to tear down Gore and his movie. Now, I haven't seen the movie yet, of course, but I doubt it's quite as bad as Tierney is making it out to be. He claims it's sure to win an Oscar because, "getting anyone to voluntarily endure 100 minutes of Al Gore and his slides is a historic cinematic achievement." [Thanks True Blue Liberal]

I can see why the defenders of the big oil might be threatened by someone spending a little time to explain all the intricacies of such a complicated issue, because then people might start to understand that there really is no debate to the debate. The only people still questioning the validity of the science are the scientists who are getting a monthly check from Exxon/Mobil and the media who just can't present any story without giving the other side equal time; even if the facts coming from the other side are completely manufactured on K Street.

But, let's not burden ourselves with all that hard to understand science; let's make fun of Al's wooden delivery instead. Unfortunately for Tierney and his oily masters this time around, it's not going to work. From what I've heard and read of the film, it's hardly Al Gore sitting in front of a slide machine. In fact, the first thing everyone who has seen it says is that they're surprised that Gore is so animated and entertaining.

If anything, many are wondering why this Al Gore didn't appear during the 2000 election ---so am I. After seeing him on Saturday Night a few years back when everyone at the bar I was at in DC stopped dead in their tracks and watched the whole thing and LAUGHED, I've been mad that him. Imagine Al Gore acting like a human being and being funny, too. My God, if had only done that before the election!

The real trust of Tierney’s article, though, is to push the nuclear agenda. He's a reasonable guy who can understand that steps could be taken to deal with the climate change problem ---steps that don't cost big oil anything --- and he does thank Gore for making us all aware that "global warming is a problem worth worrying about," but he takes Gore to task for not telling his viewers the truth about the new green technology that is nuclear power.

He writes that, "a few environmentalists, like Patrick Moore, a founder of Green Peace, have recognized that their movement is making a mistake in continuing to demonize nuclear power," and he says Gore should have dared to challenge his audience with "an inconvenient truth or two" about all the benefits of nuclear power. ( I love how the right wingers are now embracing the founder of a group that they think is a terrorist organization!)

It doesn't produce greenhouse gases, it makes power cheaply --- with billions in taxpayer subsidies --- but there is the little problem of what to do with all the waste, which we haven't quite figured out yet. Oh, and then there's the danger of an accident, but that's never going to happen again. Human error has been completely eliminated in the nuclear industry, read the memo. Even as I write this W. is here in Philly causing massive traffic jams at rush hour to promote the wonders of nuclear power for everyone---except Iran --- why can't Al Gore get on board? (Common', everyone is doing it, even the French!)

I say, give 'em hell Al and don't back down. One thing is for certain, if Al Gore becomes the next president, you won't have to worry about global warming being ignored any more and you won't have to fret about the government spending what little money it has left propping up the nuclear industry. He's been a good friend to the environment for decades and a good democrat. I don't know what the hell Hillary is.

Despite the WaPo reporting today that Hillary was "was notably cool to increased use of nuclear power" in her new energy plan, I'm not convinced she can separate her political convictions from her lust for power and money anymore than she can figure out whether she roots for the Cubs or the Yankees!

I say, dump Hillary! Gore for president---again!


Anonymous Amentha Dymally, Los Angeles said...

I'm with you - "Al Gore For Presient" And "To Hell with Hillary". She sure isn't Bill Clinton. I believe he tried to sign on to Kyoto....but the NeoCons already had Congressional power.

12:00 AM  

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