Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pot calling the kettle black:

The WaPo reports that the world has given a colective yawn to the news that the US is renewing full diplomatic relations with the former terrorist regime of Moammar Kadafi.

Pretty much no one is buying anymore the line that the US will "pay any price, bear any burden...to assure the survival and the success of liberty," as Bush promised in his second inaugural. Now it's all about the oil. The WaPo article quotes Mohamed Sayed Said as saying that, "The timing can be explained by a need for the United States to have a positive breakthrough in the Middle East," but the real explaination might have more to do with what the FT reported today:

"The timing of the move to restore diplomatic ties could be linked to Libya's recent announcement of a new round of oil licensing, he said. US oil companies did well in the first round of licensing last year that followed the lifting of international sanctions against Libya, but there were concerns that China was moving in aggressively."

See we have to get in there before China does, because they just sign deals with none of those pesky human rights concerns attached. At the same time though, we're very concerned about Hugo Chaves, so concerned in fact, that the US, on the same day that we made firends with killer Kadafi, banned arms sales to Venezuela. The US State Department says that Venezuela is a "country of concern."

The BBC reports:

"The state department has repeatedly expressed its concern over Venezuela's contacts with Iran and Cuba and also over its relations with armed groups operating in Colombia which the US considers terrorist organisations." Yes, watchout for that that terrorist hotbed in Cuba!

It's kind of funny that while we're accusing Hugo Chavez of supporting terrorists we're refusing to honor the Venezualn governments's extradition request for Luis Posada Carriles,
a notorious anti-Castro terrorist who even the CIA says blew up a Venezuelan plane killing 70 people in 1976. I guess one man's airline bomber is another man's patriot.


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