Friday, May 05, 2006

Brett Kavanaugh: Bad news.

Arlen Specter is at it again. This guy is amazing! Is he the only actually doing any work up there on the Hill? This time around, the Inquirer reports, he has "granted Democrats a hearing to question White House aide and judicial nominee Brett Kavanaugh on his role in the administration's secret wiretapping program, its torture policy, and any relationship with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff." Wow, that's quite an impressive resume this guy has. It gets better: People for the American Way says that he coauthored the Starr report, too.

People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas. says that:

"A lifetime appointment to a powerful federal appellate court should not be a reward for a highly partisan political warrior. This nomination is more evidence that the White House views the nomination process as a political weapon rather than a means to getting excellent mainstream judges on the appeals courts. President Bush is committed to political confrontation rather than bipartisan consultation and compromise."

Specter is trying to avoid a nasty showdown and a possible filibuster. "I don't want to place the Senate in the position where we were in a year ago at this time," Specter said. Rahter than just reschedule this nomination to the second highest court in the country, he should dump it.

Is it my imagination or is W. trying to pack the courts with people who believe the executive is the ultimate power in the government? It seems like he's attempting to co-opt the courts to make sure they always rule in his favor.

This must just be my liberal paranoia right?


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