Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The fizzle and the marxist threat.

Last night on the NewsHour Impacto Group's Leslie Sanchez took the immigrant protesters and their organizers to task. She told Ray Suarez that:

"I really think, overall, it's a fizzle...It not a coincidence that they picked May Day, the international socialist day of the worker, to celebrate this. [You know what that means] I think the battle cry for comprehensive reform is legitimate, but these type of politicized protests, where you're basically allowing several on the fringe elements of the radical left, including some organizations that are bringing in Iraq and the war and other discussions to disrupt U.S. economies, is not going to bode well with, I think, the American public or mainstream Hispanics."

She's right, you know, most Americans hold no truck with hardcore leftist radical organizations like the AFL-CIO and Tysons foods. I really got the sense yesterday from what I saw that there was a deep undercurrent of radical Fedelismo entitlement going on, didn't you?

"This is something where people do not have rights to come into this country illegally and then have a right to have certain, you know, expectations for entitlement. That is the part that is really hard for many in our country to stomach. And I think the more that they do this in your face, "We are entitled to something."

Yeah, what's all this 'in your face' stuff? Who do these people think they are? I'm entitled to whatever the hell I want as an American because my mom and dad had sex in the U.S., but these people come here from Mexico and they expect the moon because they get paid nothing. Just clean my house and shut the hell up, you can get your passport back when I'm done with you.

Sanchez goes on, "I mean, we're a very generous country. I think the United States gives $30 billion to Mexico and Latin America every year, in terms of remittances. And now you say you're entitled to those things? That is really not going to fly in America."

Yeah, that's right, what about all those remittances? $17 billion alone goes to Mexico from undocumented workers here back home, and the U.S. allows them to come here and work these backbreaking, lowpaying jobs to do it, too. I really feel like us white Americans, like Leslie and me, are being taken advantage of. We're so generous! There are millions of Phillipinos and South Asians out there who would love to come here and clean our toilets. I bet they wouldn't get uppity like these ungreatful Latinos.

Basically, I think, a lot of people are saying, protest is not the way to go. Just keep working and maybe some day the government will get around to coming up with some sort of immigration policy that actually works. Don't piss off white people.

And what was this all about anyway? As David Montgomery poijnts out in the WaPo,

"...The work boycott sent an odd, ambiguous message...When immigrants list the personal attributes they are proudest of, 'hardworking' is at or near the top of every list. And now they were going to show their value to society by not working?"

What's that all about? Just crazy!


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