Friday, April 28, 2006

Domestic spying: Where's the outrage?

It's nice to know someone in Congress is paying attention. Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spector wants answers about the NSA spying program. "Where is the outrage?" he wants to know. According to the WaPo:

He said, "yesterday that he will file an amendment to block the NSA program's funding -- but said he will not seek a vote on it at this time -- in hope of stirring greater debate on the warrantless surveillance, part of the agency's monitoring of alleged terrorists."

Yeah, good luck with that, Congress is moving on to acting like they care about the high price of gas. [Check out Dennis Hastert ditching his hybrid for his SUV]

Spector isn't the only one trying to figure out what the hell the government is up to, though; Rep. Jane Harman (D. Ca.) actually voted against the 2007 Intelligence Authorization bill this time around over her concerns about the NSA program and the administration's total lack of candor on what its actually doing.

While Congress dithers it appears that what the NSA is doing is a lot more than listening in on a few calls from al-Qaeda. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed suit trying to get information about the NSA using AT$T to spy on and data-mine perhaps millions of e-mails and phone conversations with no warrent.

And you've got to figure it isn't just AT$T that's helping out the government. Google and Yahoo, who are oh-so-helpful to the Chinese in their hunt for dissidents are probably falling all over themselves to help the NSA out in its quest to see what you're reading and writing.

Where is the outrage?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Rep. Jane Harman (D. Ca.)"

kind of hard to have any faith in her.
she has praised the program and now doesnt want to authorize funds.
did she or did she not know what they were doing?
if she knew and allowed the illegality then she needs to be punished also.if not then she needs to be punished for lying to america
this congress is made up of some pitiful moralless people

12:42 PM  

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