Saturday, April 22, 2006

Who is the bigger killer?

Amnesty International reports that executions last year by countries around the world are down. The trend seems to be that more and more countries are getting the idea that executions are a bad thing. In 1977 only 16 countries had abolished executions and now it’s up to 86. Among the top four countries still killing their citizens are, in order: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States. We're in such good company!

China officially reports 1,770 executions; but that number is probably considerably larger (all those organs aren't going to harvest themselves!). I can see why W. was "livid" about that Falun Gong protester calling Hu Jintao a killer. Just think about how many people W. could execute if it wasn't for all those activist judges and frivolous appeals!

Unfortunately for Chimpy, he couldn't belly up to the bar with the Chinese; we only had 60 executions last year. But that's better that Pakistan who only had 31, or Yemen at 24, or Libya who had a measly 6! Strangely enough, Cuba didn't make the list. That island country, after all, is the epicenter of communist re-education camps, religious persecution and political prisoners, right? No...China is?

But our president just had the leader of that country over to the White House for Champaign, Butter Heirloom and Corn Broth. And he even apologized for having offended him! No crazy woman from a group that is being viciously and brutally repressed by the Chinese government is going to get away with yelling at the Chinese president at the White House of all places!

I don't understand, could any of you right wing bloggers out there explain to me why Cuba is more of a dictatorship than China is and why your great white leader is saying he's sorry for offending the leader of the biggest communist country in the world?


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