Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Congressman Hayworth has the white vote all sown up.

Gosh, I wish I could have the chance to show the entire country how ignorant I am in the pages of the NYT like the Kitlicas of Scottsdale Arizona did. All these protests against the House bill to make undocumented workers felons have really torked off a lot of white Americans like Al and Diane Kitlica. "You want to stay here and get an education, get benefits, and you still want to say 'Viva Mexico?'" Diane asks in exasperation. She's mad as hell and she isn't going to take it anymore. She and Al are volunteering for the Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R. Az.) in his reelection bid, and I say bully for them.

Their man Hayworth says the very sight of millions of Hispanics in the streets has had "some kind of backfire effect," and he's taking full advantage of it by demagoging it all the way back to Congress. "We have indicted felons from other societies on the loose here," he says. "You see the exponential rise of drug resistant T.B. and other things. This is not indicting an entire culture [although he's like to], but it is pointing out a problem."

Yes, because Mexicans are the only ones that are susceptible to diseases and crime. Not like the white European illegals like the Russians, Poles, Italians (are they really white?) and the Irish. Here in Philly we don't have the problems they have in Arizona with the Mexicans, but there are a lot of Poles here and I don't think they're all legal, either. Many of them don't know a word of English! In fact, they're so resistant to learning English that the local library has a whole section of books in Polish. Can you believe it? The money being spent on buying books in Polish could be used on getting some David Duke books in or something!

I'm pig biting mad about all those Mexican flags, too. How dare people come here and take advantage of our generosity and flaunt their country's flags! Here in Philly we have this parade every year on March the 17th where the dirty Irish fill the streets with their flags, music and drunken anti-American behavior. Every time I buy a pizza I have to have the Italian flag shoved in my face! And they breed like rabbits! I, like Rep. Hayworth, say: Enough is enough!

In his new book, "Whatever it takes," Hayworth advocates, according to the NYT, "enlisting agencies like the Internal Revenue Service to find illegal immigrants; arresting and deporting them all; deploying military troops on the southern border; and temporarily suspending legal immigration from Mexico."

I would go further, I would round up all the illegal Irish, who are probably IRA terrorists, end all legal immigration from Russia (a world leader in AIDs and T.B. and mob activity), and build a wall along the entire border between us and Canada, too. After all, two of the 9/11 attackers came over the Canadian border with no problem at all. Why would terrorists bother hiding in car trunks or risk dying of thirst in the desert when they can just walk across the Canadian border without as much as a how-do-you-do?

The only answer to our immigration problem is to round up everybody, except the descendants of the Mayflower, put all everyone in camps and let God sort them out.


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