Monday, April 17, 2006

Chinese joyous reaction to 9/11:

But we all know about the Palestinians; they're all terrorists, what about our good friends the Chinese?

John Pomfret wrote that:

"Many [Chinese] in their offices, schools and internet chats have voiced satisfaction at what they describe as a well-deserved blow against U.S. arrogance. The government, with a carefully calibrated official reaction, has done little to discourage those who rejoice at seeing the United States taken down a notch. Chinese authorities have not ordered government buildings to fly flags at half-staff, for instance, and the government's own statements have left diplomats and scholars feeling that the leadership is worried about appearing too pro-American.

China's security services, usually quick to suppress the internet when it is used for political purposes, have tolerated an avalanche of postings lauding the attacks on message boards...So far, anti-American screeds have won hands down. 'We've been bullied by America for too long!' said one typical message posted on the electronic bulletin board of Beijing University. 'Finally, someone helped us to vent a little.'

'I'm happy not because I support terrorism,' said another, 'I'm happy because I hate America.'


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