Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ice cream truck terrorists:

As if things weren't going bad enough in the Lodi 'icecream truck Jihadi' case, now the NYT reports: "A juror who voted Tuesday to convict a Pakistani-American on federal terrorism charges now says that she never believed he was guilty and that she had been pressured by other jurors to change her mind and convict him."

The juror, Arcelia Lopez, in a signed affidavit said "I never once throughout the deliberation process and the reading of the verdict believed Hamid Hayat to be guilty. I deeply regret my decision."

Remember, the FBI said that Hayat had gone to Pakistan to train as a terrorist and then came back to the US to launch a Jihad in Lodi, Ca. The whole case relied on the testimony of a paid FBI informant, Naseem Khan, who apparently went out of his way to earn the $250.000 he was given to find terrorists.

The SFgate reported last month that, 'Khan berated and scolded Hayat during phone call to Pakistan, saying, 'You're f -- wasting time. ... You sound like a f -- broken bitch. Come on, man! Be a man, do something, s -- !' Khan testified that he scolded Hayat 'as a way to make him talk.'"

Apparently, besides maybe helping Hayat(19-years old)along a little too much on his quest for Jihad, he might have also made some stuff up a long the way, too. He testified that he saw al-Qaeda #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri in Lodi in the 1990's, but an FBI agent testified that the chances of him being there then was pretty slim. She said though, "I believe that's what he thought he saw." [sfgate] Well, that's evidence enough for me, send that guy up for 39 years.

And his dad too. His dad, Umer Hayat, is also on trial for lying about his son's trip to a terror camp in Pakistan, but is due to be released next week, as the jury told the judge this week that they couldn't come up with a verdict for him.

Maybe, instead of going to trial with such little evidence the DOJ should have just sent these two to Gitmo.


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