Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Que pasa Lamar?

Finally, someone is taking the bull by the horns and dealing with all the most pressing challenges facing our country today! Tennesee Sen. Lamar Alexander has put his foot down and said, 'enough!'

Yesterday he introduced a Senate resolution calling for the national anthem to be sung in ENGLISH! Yes!

Alexander's letter to the president of the Senate reads in part:

"Mr. President, across the country today, thousands and thousands of immigrants - legal and illegal - are marching in a nationwide rally. Many are saying that they, too, want to be Americans. But, Mr. President, I’m afraid the message is, quite literally, getting lost in translation. [Good one!] As part of these demonstrations, a new version of our national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, has been produced – in Spanish."

He goes on to say that no matter where all of us might have come from, we all use English as a unifying language. He points out that, "In order for a legal immigrant to become a citizen of the United States, one requirement is that he or she demonstrate at least an eighth-grade level understanding of the English language," just like those voting Republican or joining the Minutemen patrol.

Joining him in this very brave stand against this onslaught to out national identity were Sen. Frist, Sen. McConnell, Sen. Stevens, Sen. Isakson, and Sen. Roberts.

Maybe, this will be followed by a new law to issue $100 rebates to all of us who have irrepairably harmed by these immigrants and their liberal socialist supporters bent on burning the flag and those insidious papist hiding behind them!


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