Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Let's have our own Evo moment:

In the current ferment over skyrocketing gas prices and corporate profits headed moonward, maybe we should think about nationalizing our own oil companies, like Evo and Hugo have. Never mind windfall profit's taxes, let's cut out the golden parachutes and subsidies to research the fallacy of global warming and all the other complete wastes of money and put those massive profits into better roads, better schools, free health care and a reliable, renewable source of energy that will get us off oil.

Or barring that, let's get all the oil companies to reimburse the taxpayers for the billions upon billions that we pay to protect the world's sea lanes for their tankers; and how about they chip in for the war in Iraq, which was launched in part to provide the military with a great big aircraft carrier in the heart of the Middle East to protect Exxon/Mobil's financial assets. If we could force the energy industry to just pay for what we spend on protecting their asses around the world, that alone would wipe out our $ 3 trillion budget deficit. And if they won't pony up the funds, we'll turn their companies over to public control; their choice.

Seems like a good idea to me. The United States, after all, is one of only three countries in the entire world that doesn't own its own energy industry…some how the rest of the world manage to keep from spinning off it axis with its publicly owned power, water and energy companies. I don't know how they do it, but we ought to find out, because this system just isn't working for the majority of Americans.

When this government is supposedly so broke that is can't provide money for cheap heating oil for the poor during the winter, yet big bad Hugo Chavez can, you know there's something wrong. How is it that the poor in this country have to rely on a foreign leader to come to their rescue? The Republicans talked a good game about how Chavez was pulling a political stunt, but they just couldn't find their way to actually putting their money where their mouths were by keeping little old ladies and children warm this winter.

'If the Democrats would only let us drill in ANWAR, all our problems would be solved! How about a $100 rebate check?' Now that's leadership!


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