Monday, June 05, 2006

Bush goes after Strawman to keep his ebony princess.

Some lefty bloggers out on the fringes are picking up on the rumor that Laura Bush has left W. because he's having a tryst with Condi.

Truthseeker2006 says:

"Reports out of Washington (some being denied, some not quite being denied) have stated that First Lady Laura Bush has moved out of the White House after becoming incensed with her husband for reportedly having an extramarital affair with Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. If these late-breaking reports are true, what do you think it means for the President, the administration and the country?"

Now my intitial reaction to this was: "yeah right, she could do so much better (have you every seen her in those domina boots?); but then I remembered this:

Back in April Condi and Jack Straw, Britian's foreign secretary at the time, were traveling all over the world together, if you recall. She had even spent some time in his hometown (which was a real disaster, by the way) after he had visited her in Birmingham, Alabama and on the way to Baghdad the Guardian reported:

"The hospitality lavished on US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice by Jack Straw was repaid as the two flew through the night to Iraq, when Ms Rice reportedly gave up her cabin and bed to her British counterpart and slept on the floor in the aisle. The new twist to the 'special relationship' was the result of limited bed space on Ms Rice's Boeing 757."

Some British commentators were speculated that there might be something more than met the eye going on, as they are both single, but Straw's spokesman declined to be drawn into such nonsense and said, 'I am more interested in the foreign policy than which bed he slept in.'"

But maybe W. was, because shortly after this Straw was sacked by Tony Blair, effectively stopping Condi and Straw's 'special relationship' from going any further. Do you think perhaps W. made a call to his poodle to make sure Straw knew to keep his limey hands off W.'s ebony princess?

It might have happened that way. This is the guy who came up with the idea of using a U-2 painted in UN colors to sucker Saddam into starting a war, after all. I wouldn't put it past him.

Anyway, you're better off Laura.


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