Thursday, June 22, 2006

The IDF is never wrong!

The Philly Inquirer reports that since the killing of Huda Ghaliya's father, along with 7 other Palestinains and the woundking of dozens on the beach at Beit Lahiya in Gaza on June the 9th, "new evidence is raising questions about the Israeli version of what took place. Based on video clips from one of its ships, Israel concluded that the explosion came at least 10 minutes after the military had stopped shelling," but it turns out that Israel's timetable is a little off.

The IDF claims that video tape from one of their gunboats off the coast shows no commotion or ambulances on the beach 10 minutes after they stopped shelling the area. If they had done a more thourough investigation they might have looked into cell phone records and hospital admission records.

Knight/Ridder has discovered that:

"According to phone records and ambulance logs, the first emergency call for help at the beach came at 4:40 p.m., while the shelling was going on and about 20 minutes before Israel contends the blast hit the Palestinians."

Israel claims that the first picture of ambulances arriving on the scene was at 5:15. That's strange because the scene of the attack was 10 minutes away from Kamal Odwan Hospital where the victims were admitted at 5:05 p.m..

Also, if Isreali shells played no part in this incident how come one Palestinian on the beach says doctors pulled an inch-long piece of metal from his 19-year-old son's stomach? The IDF was lobbing 155mm rounds at the beach that day and the Inquirer writes that;

"A military analyst who looked at photographs of the object for Knight Ridder identified it as part of the fuse of an artillery round."

Human Rights Watch has called for an independent investigation because it says, "An investigation that refuses to look at contradictory evidence can hardly be credible." The BBC reports that "The head of the Israeli military panel is reported to have told Mr Garlasco [from HRW] that the Palestinians had "no problem lying" about the incident, so he discounted their evidence."

Of course, we know Israeli government would never lie, right?

So far, this week Israel has killed 11 more Palestinian civilans including many children. Just today the BBC reports that an errant Israeli shell (the first one ever!) killed two civilians in their home, one of whom was 7 months pregnant.

Israle claims they were shooting at militants, but they're not having a great deal of success, as this is the second time they've botched their attempt. On the 13th of June they tried to take out two Palestinian militants, who moments before the attack made a run for it, and wound up killing 8 and wounding 17 others.

This is the problem with fighting a war with F-14's and tanks in a highly populated area like Gaza. Maybe, they ought to take a break and try to get their aim straight.


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