Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Support our troops not the clerics:

You know, I keep hearing in the mainstream press about "extremists in both parties" are causing the polorization of politics these days. Particularly in the Lieberman/Lamont race I've been hearing a lot of this. It's as if, in the minds of the "centrists," wanting to bring the troops home and holding those who got us into the mess in Iraq accountable is extremism equivilant to the religious nuts who will loyaly follow W. to Armageddon. "Liberals" in the Democratic Party who are demanding that their Party stop rolling over every time Karl Rove says 'boo!' and take a moral stand on this disaster in Iraq -- which has has killed 30,000 Iraqis almost 2,600 US troops and wounded 19,000 -- are the weirdos.

What's so extreme about wanting our troops to stop coming home in flag drapped coffins and in pieces? How could the Party be so divided over an issue that is so clear? Either you are with George Bush and you are willing to stand by as we lose two or three soldiers every other day for -- another year -- or two -- or even longer hoping someday the Iraqis will be able to stop slaughtering eachother. Or you believe American military families shouldn't have to wait anxiously for the knock on the door everytime they hear that an American has been killed in Iraq.

The people in Iraq who are running the Iraqi government are mainly made up of religious fanatics who will turn on us the minute they feel secure enough to do so. Things are getting so out of hand over there that John Hendren reported yesterday on NPR that religious clerics are now issuing fatwas requiring Iraqis to put diapers on sheep, so the naked sight of their backsides won't be so enticing. Another edict demands that vegatabe stands not arrange their wares in sexually suggestive positions. One grocer was actually shot and killed for making his tomatos look too sexy.

This is not a joke, this is the type of people we're over there fighting and dying for. The former PM of Iraq, Ibrahim al-Jafari, wouldn't even shake the hands of woman because they were unclean. One of the main parties in charge of the government is called the "Supreme Councel for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (sciri)

How many Democrats in Congress would say they support that? Why not support the troops instead and bring them home!


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