Friday, September 22, 2006

Curt Weldon strikes out again:

[Please God, tell me this is the last story I have to comment on about Curt Weldon's "Able Danger" program, which neither able nor dangerous.]

The NYT reports today that the DOD's investigator general's office has found that a special military intelligence group code-named "Able Danger" never had Muhamed Atta in their sights.

The report says:

"We concluded that prior to Sept. 11, 2001, Able Danger team members did not identify Mohamed Atta or any other 9/11 hijackers. While we interviewed four witnesses who claimed to have seen a chart depicting Mohamed Atta and possibly other terrorists or ‘cells’ involved in 9/11, we determined that their recollections were not accurate."

Curt Weldon naturally was outraged: "I am appalled that the Department of Defense inspector general would expect the American people to actually consider this a full and thorough investigation." He says the inspector general had, "cherry-picked testimony from witnesses in an effort to minimize the historical importance of the Able Danger effort." That's funny, I thought cherry picking information to backup erroneous conclusions was more Weldon's style.

Please Curt, go back to Paris and pick up some new conspiracy theories for "Ali" or Gorbanifar or whoever. This is getting a little old. I know, go find those Roosky suitcase bombs buried in California. They haven't found them yet either.

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