Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pointless immigration enforcement

Boy, the Justice Department is really doing a bang up job of protecting us Americans from those dirty illegal immigrants. Yesterday, 1,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) agents simutaneously raided six Swift & Co. plants and rounded up hundreds of illigals working there. [AP] I.C.E spokesperson Marc Raimoudi said the agency was concerned about a fake ID ring. "There are several hundred Americans who were victimized," says Raimoudi. So therefore, hundreds of illegals and their families have to be terrorized by US agents swooping in to arrest them for trying to make an honest living.

If this phony ID ring is really such a huge problem, why not go after the actual people who are responsible for stealing the identities of these "several hundred Americans?" Something tells me the folks who sold these funny IDs are laughing all the way to the bank while the DOJ is chasing its tail. I mean, seriously, is this really any way to go about finding the real culprets? These raids may look great on the six o'clock news but do they really accomplish anything as far as stopping illegal immmigration is concerned? The IRS and the Social Security administration already know where most of these illegals work and which SS #'s they're using.

If this administration is itching to get at this problem of hiring illegals, then ask them. Why go after the lowest of the low in this country? Why break up families and leave children parentless in these pointless enforcement actions? As long as the ecomony sucks in Mexico and South America and companies like Swift need cheap labor, all the raids in the world aren't going to put an end to illegal immigration. The only way to put an end to illegal immigration is either, to identify who these peolpe working here illegaly are and make them legal, which can be done (ask the IRS), or the alternative is to round up every single person living in this country illegally.

Besides causing chaos the latter option would also destroy the economy, so I think the former is the best idea. My theory has always been to take the data the Social Security administration has along with the what IRS keeps track of and send a letter to every illegal telling them they have a temporary green card for 6 months. Thye have that long to get legal and if they don't they'll be deported. That would make the business community happy and we'd know where all these folks are. And in addition the IRS could keep making money off the labor of the illegals, as they are now, and the newly legal workers could take advantage of the benefits they;re forgoing in fear of being arrested.

A win win situation.


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