Saturday, January 27, 2007

It won't stop us.

Here we go again with the fear mongering and patriotic mumbo jumbo. SecDef Robert Gates says any Senate resolution that opposes the Decider's surge plan "emboldens the enemy and our adversaries." (Of course, one could also argue that sending 21,000 more troops into a hopeless situation embolden the enemy by giving them a chance to inflict more casualties, weaken our military capability further and bankrupt us.) In addition to accusing those opposed to W.'s escalation of aiding al-Qaeda, Gates muddies the waters by saying the resolution would prevent Gen. Patreaus from having "the resources he needs to be successful." Of course, none of the various resolutions being debated in the Senate says anything about cutting funding, but you've got to expect these types of bold-faced lies from such a desperate administration.

For his part, W. is spreading his own fog by claiming that Congress should "put up their own plan as to what would work," if they don't like the surge plan. They're just "condemning a plan before its even had a chance to work," he says. Judging by the great job he's done in Iraq so far -- 3,070 Americans killed; 30,000 wounded, half a trillion dollars down the toilet; 34,000 Iraqis dead last year alone; two million Iraqi refugees on the move; and a brutal civil war that threatens every day to spill over into the entire region -- I don't think this country can afford to give his new plan a chance to work.

What W. doesn't want anyone to know, is that Democrats do have an alternative plan, it's called the Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group report, which W. rejected out of hand last month. This plan recommends, among other things, putting our resources into training Iraqi troops, pulling our troops out within a year and launching a major diplomatic effort in the region to get all sides involved in fixing the mess W. made in Iraq. You can see why W. never gave the ISG recommendations a second glance; too much jaw jaw, not enough war war.

The fact is, W. & Co. aren't in the least bit interested in taking a detour from their march of folly. They're committed to the proposition that escalation is the way to go and nothing is going to get in their way; not the American people and not Congress. And not the Iranians, who are now the new excuse as to why everything is going to hell in Iraq.


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