Monday, February 12, 2007

New Moon, New War:

So I wonder when W. & Co. will be launching operation Persian Shock and Awe? Some people it will might be this spring, but other folks think it'll more likely happen next spring, just before W. leaves office. Either way it happens, the consensus seems to be that the attack will take place in the spring. Probably because the weather is better then. You can be sure it will be on the night of a new moon, so we can bomb away without being seen. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, there will be a new moon from April 14 to the 18th, so get ready for some extended CNN watching that week.

There is absolutly no doubt that they are going to get us into another war, though. The power point presentation three un-named pentagon officials gave to reporters in the Green Zone on Sunday pretty much seals the deal. Last time they pulled this BS in 2002 they got Doug Feith to cook evidence up in the bowels of the pentagon and made a big public show of all the compelling "evidence" they had. This time around, not only aren't they going to provide the evidence for the public to see, they're not even going to let the media know who's actually presenting the evidence. According to the WaPo the reason given for all the secrecy was "So the explosives expert and the analyst, who would normally not speak to the news media, could provide information directly." But why did they need to be there, I don't understand.

Oh I know why, it's because when people finally get around to figuring out they've been had again, there won't be anyone around to point the finger at. If anyone says, 'hey, the intel was flawed' W.'s defenders will say, 'what intel? We never showed you any.'

I don't know why they're even bothering to go through this whole cloak and dagger extravaganza anyway. I mean, even when a direct link can be made to the Bush administration sheisters who lied their way into Iraq, no one pays for it. No one is held accountable. Douglas Feith and Dick Cheney worked day and night to make a case for war based on unsubstanciated rumors and the deluded rantings of drunken Iraqi ex-pats (Curveball) working for Ahmad Chalabi and now that it is out there and known, no one cares.

Especially, the neocons and Republicans in the Senate. David Brooks says the whole thing is a waste of time. (Why look back?) "The Armed Services Committee spends a day talking about a story about something that happened four or five years ago, about a guy, Doug Feith, who has been out of office for two years. . . It's just -- to me, this is a matter for historians, something that's been covered many times. And I think it's pretty well-established." [Newshour]

Who cares if the case for a war that's cost us a half a trillion dollars and 3,125 lives was totally made up? It's all in the past. I bet Brooks thinks the Nuremberg Trials were a waste of time, too. I mean, by the time they got around to trying the surviving Nazi leaders, they were out of office as well. At that point the US should have been thinking ahead to rebuilding Germany and fighting the Cold War.


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