Friday, March 02, 2007

Gallaudet: The shame of it all.

Well, well, well, the kids at Gallaudet are in the news again. According to Newsweek while the students were having thier little temper tantrum last fall "the university's foundation was crumbling. . . an academic-certification group has warned the school that its accreditation status is 'fragile' and could be revoked. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education's stinging Jan. 13 letter, released last week, cites concerns over eight standards including academic integrity, low graduation rates and a lackluster response to previous inquiries."

The WaPo reported back in November that members of the faculty and staff were "charging that some administrators have compromised academic standards and jeopardized the institution's integrity and performance. Faculty members were asked by administrators to change grades of several failing students, according to internal documents and interviews. Faculty reports to the board of trustees have warned that the university is admitting students with very low academic skills without giving professors the necessary training and resources to help them."

Students with low acedemic skills huh? Imagine that! But they're deaf, let them slide.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that part of the reason some folks were so against Jane Fernandez becoming president was because in her previous role as university provost she actually held students to account for their lousy grades. We can't have that sort of person running the university, heavens to Betsy no! Can't the board of trustees find some kindly old grandpa who will let the brats run wild while he naps? What about John McCain? Oopse, forget that, he resigned from the board last November.

The WaPo reported that McCain was upset at the way Fernandez was treated. He said "I cannot in good conscience continue to serve the board after its decision to terminate her appointment, which I believe was unfair and not in the best interests of the University."

Wow, how embarrassing. If the university isn't accredited because of the ridiculous behavior of some of the students and faculty, they'll have only themselves to blame. To think Abraham Lincoln put the money up for the school and now look at the shape its in.

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Blogger Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

You are spouting complete and utter nonsense. The accreditation issues were not caused by the protesters. Actually they were caused by the Jordan-Fernandes-Kelly administration and the protesters *saved* Gallaudet by displacing the forces of the status quo.


1:16 AM  

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