Thursday, March 08, 2007

The GSA, a den of thieves?

Is there anyone in the administration who isn't a crook and is heading the General Services Administration some sort of award for the most crooked? I mean, just last year former GSA administrator David Safavian was sentenced to 18 months in prison for trying to sell the government's property to Jack Abramoff and already the new head of GSA, Lurita Alexis Doan, is under invesigation for helping out an old business partner.

It looks like that pain in the ass Henry Waxman is at it again and he's got the new GSA head in his sights. The WaPo reports:

"Waxman said his investigators learned that the GSA's former chief counsel 'was alarmed' that the $20,000 job Doan had given on July 25 to companies run by her friend Edie Fraser had not been put out for bidding. The job was to produce a 24-page report on the GSA's use of minority-owned and women-owned businesses."

The big shots at the White House and Pentagon hook up friends and former business associates with no bid contracts all the time -- just look at Cheney's Haliburton in Iraq -- why can't Doan get a little action, too? As long as she's pure as the driven snow politcally, Doan made her staff to figure out "how the agency could help 'our candidates' in the next elections,' she ought to be left alone to line the pockets of some friends on the make.

What Doan doesn't understand is that the Congress isn't that passive, nutered old dog is was before last November. You just go around breaking the law and using the government as your own personal bank anymore.

Doan doesn't seem to get it. I know that all she required to do is the bidding of her political bosses, but when the agency's chief counsel tells you that this no bid contract for her friend is kind of dubious legally, that doesn't even slow her down.

Waxman says, even after the deal was canceled Doan "persisted in efforts to award the contract to Ms. Fraser after questions were raised about its validity."

The WaPo:

"Ccommittee investigators . . .found e-mails providing evidence that Doan continued to 'encourage' her staff to 'devise a mechanism for awarding a contract' to companies run by Fraser after the arrangement was terminated on Aug. 4."

Of course, she hasn't done anything wrong, her lawyer says, "She is outraged by the suggestion that she has done anything unlawful or unethical in dealing with the GSA or Lurita Doan." She's shocked, shocked that there gambling going on in tyhis establishment! Here's you winning Ms. Doan!

Will the next GSA administrator please stand up!


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