Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A note on Tony B-liar's pathetic departure from the political stage and the "special relationship."

Tony B-liar's craven allegiance to W.'s mad-capped mis-adventures in the Middle East has not only dragged his own political fortunes down, but also Britain's. The UK isn't our partner, its our bitch. They'll do anything we tell them, and they'll say like it. I wouldn't expect Gordon Brown to do anything too radical when he moves into #10. He might like to extricate his country from the black hole W. has drug it into, but he won't be able to.

The problems for Britain all started back when good King George III took over. He and his host of bumbling PMs blew it when they tried to crush the American colonists under their heels. They should have let us have a say in parliament and gone a little easier on the taxes. Don't feel too bad for them, though, this is the sort of thing the Brits thought of us back when they were in the saddle:

[Again from Origins of the American Revolution]

"Now 'these Saucy Americans' needed to be taught humility and obedience; and it was better to take them in hand while they were yet in their infancy then to postpone the reckoning until they had become great lubberly fellows who might knock their old mother down when she attempted to apply the birch. Time seemed to be on the side of the Americans: One Englishman pointed out in 1769 that by 1944, Americans -- the most powerful people in the world --- would visit the ruins of London. Clearly, Americans must be taught who was master in the household, exclaimed an Englishman, before they felt strong enough to 'wrestle with us for Pre-eminence.'"

Too late!

It looks like Kendall Myers was right about the so-called "special relationship"and B-liar's decission to go along with W. in Iraq:

"It was a done deal from the beginning, it was a onesided relationship that was entered into with open eyes . . . there was nothing. There was no payback, no sense of reciprocity. . . We typically ignore them and take no notice -- it’s a sad business." [Times Online]


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