Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Moammar, the Barbary Statesman.

Speaking of Phony B-liar's departure today, I'd say he's racked up several not so flattering achivements these past few weeks that will be sure to tarnish his already very shaky legacy.
These are two stories I saw a few weeks ago that I thought were kind of interesting:

The NYT reported on June 8:

"Alex Salmond, the newly elected first minister of Scotland, expressed concern Thursday that the British government had struck a deal that might permit the only person convicted in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing to return to Libya to complete his sentence."

It seems that when B-liar made his final trip to kowtow to our good friend and "statesman" Moammar Kadafi he made a deal to have Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrani returned to Libya. Al-Megrani was sentenced in 2001 to 27 years for killing 270 people, 189 of them Americans, on PanAm flight 103, which blew up over Lockerbie Scotland.

Mr. Salmond said "Mr. Blair signed the agreement on May 29 during a visit to Libya as part of his farewell tour of Africa."

Blair's office says, "It is totally wrong to suggest that we have reached any agreement with the Libyan government in this case. The memorandum of understanding agreed with the Libyan government does not cover this case."

Can I as an American just say that's all a load of old "tosh?"

The Daily Mail reported a day later:

"Scotland's Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill described the denials as 'ludicrous'.
He said: 'While Megrahi was not mentioned in the memorandum, he was the only Libyan national in jail in Scotland.'"

Can you say Quid Pro Quo?

Meanwhile, on June 21 the NYT reported that the EU was making a deal with the Libyan government to finally get around to releasing those five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor accused 8 years ago of giving children in their care H.I.V.

The Times says, "The European Union and its member states have given Libya the equivalent of millions of euros per child to help the more than 400 infected children. They have set up an H.I.V. treatment center in Benghazi, where Europeans train local doctors and assist in the treatment of the approximately 350 surviving children."

It's always about the pay off with Moammar.

And there's no deal yet.

Reuters reports:

"Ramadan Fitouri, spokesman for the Association for the Families of the HIV-infected Children, said he expected the appeal to be dismissed, opening the way for a compensation deal. 'This will then be the ideal time to negotiate the issue of compensation," he told Reuters.

'If an agreement is reached about this -- I mean, if the families accept the compensation -- then the council could cancel the death penalty.'"

Cha 'ching!

What is he hiding?

And lest we forget:

B-liar's stopping the investigation into our good buddy Prince Bandar and his big payoff in the BAE case.

The Guardian reported:

"An inquiry by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) into the transactions behind the £43bn Al-Yamamah arms deal, which was signed in 1985, is understood to have uncovered details of the payments to Prince Bandar. But the investigation was halted last December by the SFO after a review by the attorney general, Lord Goldsmith. He said it was in Britain's national interest to halt the investigation, and that there was little prospect of achieving convictions. . . Tony Blair said he took 'full responsibility' for the decision."

I'm sure he did.

He says he did this to keep the Saudis sweet on terrorism, which is crap. They need the UK more than the other way around.

He also says the British defence industry would be damged if anything more comes out about this. Which is also crap.

So, what is Phony so intent on covering up?

BAE is trying to buy an American company called Armor Holdings, which could be messed up if those damn Dems start sniffing around. Apparently, they're doing gang busters business since W's surge.

The Smart Money reported a while back:

"The maker of body armor and other war toys for the military, police and personnel safety markets spends a lot of time thinking about warriors and Wall Street. And now, with the stock up 22% this past year, options speculators are starting to think about Armor Holdings. The company is attracting attention because it offers traders a way to profit when President Bush updates the nation on his revised policy for the Iraq war sometime in January."

We wouldn't want this happy parade spoiled, now would we?


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