Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gonzales on the Specter Grill.

Wow, I almost feel sorry for Alberto Gonzales, he is taking a beating in the Senate Judiciary Committee. I said almost, I'm really enjoying seeing him get savaged.

Arlen Specter, of all people, is really going to town on him. Specter was beside himself as Gonzales tried to talk his way around the visit to John Ashcroft's sick bed back in 2004. When Gonzales wasn't stammering or being mocked by the people in the gallery, he was trying to say that he was just trying to carry out the wishes of Congress. He explained that he went to a meeting with the so-called Gang of Eight to discuss " very important intelligence activity," and he said, "The consensus in the room was that we should continue the activities, at least for now. We felt it was important that he [Ashcroft] knew of the opinion of the leadership."

Yes, I could see how that would be crucial. I mean, the guy just had his gall bladder out, so he was obviously ready to get back in the saddle. That's why he turned over power to James Comey, right?

Gonzales says, "We never had any intent to ask anything of him if we did not feel he was competent." My gosh, the depth of concern for the man is truly touching. Gonzales claimed Ashcroft was "lucid" and did most of the talking in the meeting, but he wasn't able to explain to Specter's satisfaction why he wen to see a sick man in the hospital who had no authority to do what Gonzales was there to ask him to do.

Arlen Specter must have taken his Viagra this morning because the WaPo reports that:

"Specter raised the prospect of calling for a special prosecutor to press a potential contempt-of-Congress citation over the White House's refusal to provide certain documents and sworn testimony regarding the firing of nine federal prosecutors last year."

A special prosecutor! Say it ain't so!


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