Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Michelle Malkin is really reaching this time.

Boy, the right wing bloggers are really getting desperate. I generally don't follow what the rest of the blogosphere is up to because I don't really have the time, but an article in the Inquirer about the right wing-bloggers reaction to a shooting of an Airman caught my attention this morning.

Apparently, many of these blogging misfits are convinced the media is covering up a story about some nut who shot Air Force Senior Airman Jonathan Schrieken on July 4th. Michelle Mankin, the self-hating "Asian Ann Coulter," started the ball rolling by writing that the shooter who killed himself, Matthew Marren, was an anti-war "zealot." Based on a post from a lady who knows someone who knows the Airman, Malkin got the notion that the shooter's suicide notes said he wanted to kill a soldier.

Malkin wrote: "Now, imagine the scenario flipped: What if a soldier had attempted to murder a peace activist over the holidays in order to 'make a statement.'"

Yes, indeed, you know the NYT and the liberal media would have been all over it!

Of course, after this the flood gates were opened and all the other nut-jobs jumped onboard.

But, let's imagine another type of scenario where the war you've supported all along has turned into a disaster of Biblical proportions and everything you've been spouting off about for the past six years has turned out to be comlpete and utter bullcrap.

You'd want to change the subject, too.

What Malkin and her homies must have missed is that Marren's notes said nothing about killing a soldier. The Inquirer reports Jack Smith, a spokesman for the Burlington County (PA.) Prosecutor's Office, described Marren's final words as 'rambling.' There was no mention of the military, the war in Iraq or the victim being a soldier."

Oh well, I'm sure somewhere out there is another issue you can really get your teeth into Michelle, like, how about the one about the Nisei all being traitors during WWII? You could resurrect that one again. Maybe, freshen it up a bit and perhaps it turns out all Mexicans are all traitors. Who knows, we might have to reopen Manzanar or Gila River.


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